Submersible pump uses are extensive in the building industry because of their mobility. The submersible pump uses are due to liquid-tight and pressure-proof designs. Submersible pump uses are preferably in municipal and industrial waste handling systems. Pumping up to 5000 M3/Hr and pumping heads up to 70 meters are possible with these pumps. In building pits, the pumping medium is consists of dirty water badly contaminated with sand and stones. The solids contained in the water is about 50%, many times. The particle size in the water may be about 30 mm along with other items like rags, paper, etc. Sector-wise applications of the submersible pump are listed below:


(1) In the domestic sector to lift the water from underground storage to an overhead tank for daily use.

(2) In the municipal sector to draw the water from radial wells in the river bed to supply potable water to the community after water treatment.


(1) Pumping Stations: TO handle untreated domestic sewage
(2) Hotels, subways: TO handle feces, mixed water with eatables and Airport
(3) Lifting Stations: TO handle Stormwater
(4) Sewage treatment plant: TO handle raw sludge, activated sludge, and digested sludge.


(1) Iron and Steel plant: TO handle raw water, Sinter water, and cooling water   contaminated with solids

(2) Paper industry: TO handle process water
(3) Insulation material: TO handle contaminated water with glass wool and asbestos fiber
(4) Chemical industry: TO handle all kind of effluents
(5) Sugar industry: TO handle water contaminated with sugarcane trails
(6) Fruit processing: TO handle water contaminated with fruit waste
(7) Desalination plant: TO handle sandy seawater

(8) Refinery and petrochemicals: TO handle hydrocarbon (oil, petrol, butane, and methane)


Single-stage vertical monoblock submersible pumps.
Single-stage Horizontal monoblock submersible pumps.
Multistage submersible water pumps.
Single-Stage Vertical Shaft Wastewater Submersible Pumps.
Single-Stage Waste Water Submersible Pumps.

(1)Single-stage vertical monoblock submersible pumps:

These pumps are available in one and two-stage construction. These pumps are used for clear water service. They are used in irrigation and community water supply from open wells.


Single-stage monoblock vertical submersible pump

(2)Single-stage Horizontal monoblock submersible pump:

These pumps are available in one stage of construction. These pumps are used for clear water service. They are used in irrigation and community water supply from open wells.


Single-stage horizontal monoblock submersible pump

(3) Multistage Submersible Water Pump:

A multistage Submersible pump is consists of several stages mounted on a single shaft in a pump driven by an electric motor. The pump and motor are hermetically sealed and submerged below the permanent water level in the well or sump. Submersible pumps are used to transfer the water from a deep well to the surface of the earth. The deep well water is stored in the water sumps. It can also transfer to overhead tanks and then supply to the community for their day-to-day use by utilizing gravity flow.


(4) Single-Stage Vertical Shaft Wastewater Submersible Pump:

The vertical shaft submersible pump is a single-stage centrifugal submersible pump. The vertical shaft pump is a radial split casing pump fitted with an impeller. It is also known as a vertical turbine pump. Vertical shaft pumps are used for many applications namely drainage wastewater from pits, transferring condensate, heat transfer fluids, chemical aggressive fluids. These vertical centrifugal pumps are operated by the motor mounted outside the well. It is installed on a fixed base outside the well from where the pump shaft column is immersed directly in the tank or deep well.

(5) Single-Stage Waste Water Submersible Pump:

Single-stage submersible pumps are hermetically sealed and submerged below the fluid level used for drainage, slurry, and sewage pumping, water and oil well, saltwater handling, dirt treatment, irrigation, fire fighting, mine de-watering. These pumps are installed with non-clogging impellers hence can handle large particle sizes in the dirty fluid.




Single-stage wastewater submersible pumps are used for sewage and effluent transfer. Three types of impellers are used to handle contaminated fluid.

(1) Free Flow Impellers

Are used for liquids containing course solid and fibrous admixtures as untreated sewage. Also used for sludge and liquid containing gas and air. These impellers are non-clogging and excellent for handling entrained gases.

(2) Closed Two or Three Vane Impellers

This is a non-clogging impeller, used for solid matured contaminated liquid, not containing fibrous admixtures. To handle dirty water containing sewage activated sludge, and treated sludge.

(3) Single Vane Impeller

Used for liquids containing coarse solids and admixtures of untreated sewage. Very large passage non-clogging configuration good to handle the plait of textile waste.


Free flow impeller
Free Flow Impeller
Three vane impeller
Three Vane Impeller
single vane impeller
Single Vane Impeller


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