Storage of industrial valves is a critical issue. The industrial valve must be protected from dust, dirt, moisture, and water ingression. If the industrial valves are not protected from dust, dirt, and water before installation in the piping system they’ll get damaged. Damaged internals of the valve can start valve malfunctioning. Valves malfunctioning can hamper our production. Any leakage in the valve or its malfunctioning can create havoc like Pollution in the atmosphere, health hazards, Explosion, fire, and heavy loss of property. Even the repair and rectification of the damaged valve at the site could also be a costly affair. During shipment of valves from the manufacturer’s site to the user’s storage site, proper care to be taken. Valve ends to be protected with end covers. These end covers protecting the valves in two ways:

    (1) Prevent the ingression of foreign matter like dust and dirt in the valves.

    (2) Prevent the damage to valve machined flanges like serrated finish on flanges.

    While transporting valves from the manufacturer site to the user, the valve to be packed and fastened separately to avoid the collision between the valves. The collision between the valves may cause damage to the valve internals.


    Water and moisture are the most obvious enemy of the valves. If valve end protectors aren’t waterproof, during the rainy season water penetrates into the valve. The presence of water and moisture in the valve for a long time causes corrosion in the valve internals. This causes a malfunction in the valve operability. During the transportation of valves, the manufacturer provides lubrication on valve stems. This lubrication on the valve stem attracts dust and dirt and causes damage to the stem while operating the valve. This can be prevented by wrapping the plastic tape on the valve stem.


    Valves are procured for the maintenance of the plant or for some projects to be executed. If they’re not to be used immediately, then required to be stored for some time. Valve to be stored in a closed and weather-protected shed to guard them against water, dust, and dirt. Following precautions to be taken care of while storing the valves for a longer time:

    (1)Ensure that the valve end covers are tightly attached to the valve flanges.

    (2) The valve flange must not be placed on the floorthis might damage the raised face and serrated finish of the valve flange.

    (3) Valves are to be placed in a horizontal position on wooden pallets.

    (4) If valves are stored for an extended time, the valve flange raises face and serrated finish to be sprayed with some anti-corrosion inhibitor to guard them against corrosion.

    (5) Valve stems to be greased and wrapped with a plastic tap to guard them against the ingression of dust and dirt. It also protects the stem from atmospheric corrosion.

    (6) Valves are to be stored far away from the construction sites to guard them against dust, girt, and flying abrasive particles of sandblasting in the construction site.

    (7) Valves are placed on the valve flange on a wooden plank to avoid the direct contact of the flange with the ground. It will protect the valve flange finish from damage.


    storage of valves on wooden pallets
    storage of valves on wooden pallets

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