Renewable sources of energy are today’s need. Energy is the ability to do work. Energy has a profound impact on our day-to-day life. it’s an essential thing for human existence on this earth. Energy can’t be destroyed however it is often converted from one form to a different and, useful work is obtained. Sun is the source of Renewable sources of energy on this earth since the inception of the universe. The energy of the sun is received in the form of light and heat. The human body also needs energy to steer, talk, and do some work. This energy is produced in the human body by using food as fuel.

The two natural sources of energy are.
1) solar power
2)Fossil fuel energy.
Solar energy is available in abundance, however, we are able to fetch very small a part of it. We are still learning the methods to harness solar energy.
Coal, petroleum, and gas are the natural source of fuels obtained from under the earth’s deposits. Fossil fuel deposits are formed from the remains of plants and animals many years ago. These deposits contain a great amount of carbon and hydrogen hence they’re called hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons are obtained as crude petroleum from oil wells. Petroleum is refined in the refineries and fuels like oil, diesel, petrol, and LPG (Liquid petroleum gas) are derived from them.

Natural fuels are used profusely for energy needs in sectors like domestic, industrial, transport, and power generation.

There are different sorts of energy. They are:
(1)Potential energy
(2)Kinetic energy
(3)Mechanical energy
(4)Radiation energy
(5)Heat energy
(6)Chemical energy
(7)Elector-magnetic energy
(8)Nuclear energy

Potential energy is the energy stored in an object or body by its position. The samples of this in our day-to-day life is: water stored in a reservoir or dam possesses P.E. This P.E.of stored water is used to run the hydraulic turbine connected with generators, thus it produces the electricity.


The energy possessed by a body by its motion is named Kinetic Energy The examples of kinetic energy in our day to day life are:
Flowing water possesses Kinetic Energy that’s used to run the watermills.
Moving vehicles possess K.E.that transport goods and people from one place to another.  Moving air possesses K.E. that’s used to run windmills.

Potential and Kinetic energy together forms mechanical energy. When the bodies are in motion, both potential and kinetic energies act together on them. Energy is responsible for the motion of the bodies for example The moving of water booster pumps, the moving of cars, trains, & planes.

Radiation energy is the energy given by the sun in the form of light and heat. The sun’s energy is an inexhaustible source of energy. Without the sunshine and heat of the sun, this planet can’t be a habitat planet. The light of the sun is used by the plants and vegetation for their growth. They prepare food for their survival through the process of photosynthesis. Oxygen is released into the atmosphere by the plant and vegetation during the process of photosynthesis. Oxygen in the atmosphere is extremely essential for human survival. Similarly, the heat of the sun increases the temperature of our water bodies and atmospheric air, which generates a rain cycle which is important for our life.

Heat energy is liberated when fuel like diesel or petrol is burnt within the engine cylinder. This heat liberated, builds up the pressure in the engine cylinder, and exerts the thrust on the engine piston, and gives motion to our diesel, petrol, and locomotive engines. This heat of burning fuel is extensively used in our auto engines.

Chemical energy is stored energy in molecules of fuel, coal, and oil. This energy is also available in the molecules of food. Energy is released when two elements react with one another due to the exchange of electrons. Energy is released there in the chemical bonding of atoms of the compound. The chemical reaction is exothermic when the heat is released during the reaction.  an endothermic chemical reaction is that when the heat is absorbed during the reaction.
This is the energy due to the motion of electrons or particles orbiting to the nucleus of the atom.
The nucleus of an atom has two particles: Neutrons and Protons. The energy required to hold these particles in the nucleus is named atomic energy. The atomic energy is released from nuclear fusion is E=mc2

We are using fossil fuel energy extensively since we’ve learned its tapping. Our fuel reserves are depleting and in the forthcoming future could also be exhausted. Hence, we should learn to harness a renewable source of energy. They’re cheap in use, we should use them to increase our power generation capacity. Renewable sources of energy are listed as follows:
(1)Solar energy (Sun’s heat)
(2)Wind energy
(3)Flowing water energy
(4)Biogas energy
(5)Geothermal energy
(6)Nuclear energy
Solar energy is abundantly available in form of light and heat from the sun. It’s being used in the domestic sector to cater to our power needs. It is used for the heating and cooling need of economic buildings.it could be used extensively for our lighting needs.
Wind energy is additionally available freely and abundantly. Harness wind energy efficiently. By installing more windmill farms we can increase our power generating capacity.

Water flowing energy is tapped with the installation of hydroelectric generating plants. Flowing water energy can cater to about 75% of our power needs.



Biogas energy is being used as a renewable source of energy. It’s used in the domestic sector for cooking and heating. It’s also used for electricity generation in rural areas. It is produced from decaying forest products, like crops. Megacities produce energy from sewage and municipal waste generated by installing methane gasification plants. Methane gas generated from municipal waste can cater to our domestic energy needs.
Geothermal energy is obtained by tapping heat generated within the core of the earth. this needs more harnessing to use efficiently.
Nuclear energy is released when the fusion and fission of atoms are carried out in nuclear reactors. The energy obtained from the nuclear reactor is used for power generation. We should upgrade the reactors to increase the power generating capacities. We must find safe ways to use nuclear energy as this involves the hazards of radioactivity that harmful to living beings.

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