World water day on 22nd March every year is the campaign initiated by the UN. This campaign is initiated to increase the awareness among world communities to safeguard potable water resources for future use, for every fellow citizen of the world. We in India believe that every person living on this earth belongs to one family. Nowadays safe water or potable water( water contamination-free) is becoming a scarce commodity, on this earth. Potable water is very much required for drinking and cooking food. Potable water will keep us safe, healthy, and away from water-borne diseases. This will prolong our life span on this earth.

    There are many uses of water in domestic as well as in industrial sectors, however prime use of water to save the life of living beings on this earth. The living being can not live on this earth for long days without water. Therefore another name of water is the ‘life’. Even our earth will turn into a desert without the existence of water. If the earth turns into a desert, there will not be food stock for living beings. Therefore every drop of water to be saved to save our earth.


    There are two main factors:  Overpopulation and Industrialization are responsible for water scarcity and water contamination. Almost all countries in the world are taking measures to control their population growth. However, population growth can not be stopped forever. We need the young generation to run the country. We need more freshwater resources to cater water needs of the increased population. This increased population also generates a huge quantity of wastewater. This wastewater to be treated and to be utilized in agricultural farming and vegetation growing, instead of dumping the same into rivers and oceans to pollute them.

    Industrialization or industrial growth is a continuous process. Industrial growth is connected with population growth. Population growth and Industrial growth go hand in hand. As the population grows, the community’s need for various products and services increases. To cater to the need for various products and services to the community, industrial growth is a must. However, more industrialization causes more water and air pollution. Hence potable water has become a scarce commodity today.

    Industries generate a huge amount of industrial wastewater. This industrial wastewater to be treated and be reused in agricultural farming and wetland. Industries also produce obnoxious and greenhouse gases during their production processes. These greenhouse gases are dumped into the atmosphere by the industries. These greenhouse gases are responsible to increase our earth’s temperature. An increase in the earth’s temperature causing climatic changes on the earth. These climatic changes are responsible to deplete and reduce our glaciers, which are a great source of freshwater for us.

    In some developed countries, pollution control laws are enforced and followed strictly to keep water pollution under control. However, in some developing countries water pollution control laws to be enforced and to be followed strictly to reduce water pollution and ultimately to save our natural water sources.


    Governments in developing countries have undertaken projects of smart city development. In these projects, the focus is to stop the contamination of river water from wastewater generated by the community that is falling into the rivers.

    wastewater treatment to be done as Potable water is a scarce commodity.
    wastewater treatment to be done as Potable water is a scarce commodity.

    To carry out these projects following steps are initiated:

    (1)To stop the city wastewater outfalls into the rivers to save them from pollution.

    (2)To divert the city wastewater to a wastewater treatment plant where it is made contamination-free.

    (3)Treated water either sent back to the river or sent for agricultural farming.

    (4)Bathing into the river is prohibited.

    (5)Washing clothes and washing animals in the river is made punishable.

    (6)Dumping rubbish and garbage into the river is prohibited.

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