Means of transportation has become a boon to mankind. Transportation has a key role in the life of mankind. Transportation is used to transport goods, travel, and convey messages in physical form, from one place to another. In olden times men were transporting their goods and messages by travelling on foot, riding on a horse, and with the help of pigeons.

    The invention of the wheel took place and the whole scenario of transportation is changed. Men started transporting their goods either by bullock carts or horse carts. The invention of the wheel progressed and man developed many kinds of transportation vehicles like Railways, buses, aeroplane, ships, lorry, scooters, motorcycles, SUVs, and many more.
    The transportation vehicles are mainly classified in the following categories :

    Surface transport vehicles

    Air transport vehicles

    Sea transport vehicles

    (1) Surface transport vehicle:

    Surface transport vehicles include trains, buses, they are mainly public transport. They are used by the people to travel from one city to another within the country. Trains and buses are also available to travel to cross countries in some regions. People can travel in private buses, to reach their destination. Utility vehicles like Cars OLA, UBER are also operating in the private sector to allow people to travel through them to various places.
    Trains and lorry are dedicated to transporting the various kind of goods from one city to another within the country are known goods carriages.
    Private transport vehicles are also available to transport goods from one city to another.
    Personal vehicles in which, people travel on their own from one place to another, they are scooters, motorbikes, SUVs, and many more.

    The train is  means of surface transportation
    The train is means of surface transportation

    (2) Air transport vehicles:

    Civilian planes

    Air transport is grown in a vast kind of industry in the world. Each country has, its own airlines set up. They are operating domestically as well as on international flights across the world. The civilian plane is used by people to travel within the country and travel abroad. Civilian planes are of many types. Depending on passenger capacities they are categorized. Civilian planes are operating both in Govt. and private sector

    Cargo planes

    Cargo planes are used to transport all kind of goods within the country and to cross countries.


    A Cargo plane is a means of air transportation
    A Cargo plane is a means of air transportation

    (3) Sea transport vehicles:

    Container carrier

    bulk carriers

    tanker carrier

    ferries and cruise ships

    Container carrier:

    Container carrier ships are used to transport goods and products of various kinds, manufactured in different countries. This is operated by liner services. Each container ship carries the flag of the origin of the country.


    A container ship  is a means of Sea Transportation
    A container ship is a means of Sea Transportation

    Bulk carrier :

    Bulk carrier ships carry heavy raw material like the ores of copper and iron. Transports the coal to different countries.

    Tanker carrier :

    Tanker carrier ships that contain huge tankers on them carry liquid raw products like crude oil, chemicals, and petroleum to different countries.

    Ferries and cruise ships:

    Ferries and cruise are used to set on the journey for short-distance travel. They carry passengers along with goods like auto Vehicles, cars and bikes. The cars and bikes can be driven to the ship for transportation. Ferries and cruise ships are called RO-RO(Roll-on and Roll-off) ships. The transport industry is growing very fast as the population is growing. It has endless opportunities to work in it.

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