Global warming is a hot topic nowadays worldwide. It is being mentioned everyplace within the society. It is mentioned in the scientific community. It is mentioned among politicians. It is mentioned at faculties, collages and among the folk. What is thus necessary within the term heating? Global warming is a very important term because it’s connected with human survival on this earth. Everybody desires to grasp, what is global warming? How global warming is happening? Causes for global warming? Impact of global warming worldwide on human life? Way to tackle global warming issues? We will realize answers to any or all on top of queries, in the brief discussion here.


Global warming may be a process of gradual increase in the temperature of the earth. Global warming is caused due to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is going on due to the presence of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are:

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Nitrous oxide(N2O)



Water vapour

These greenhouse gases form a protecting layer around the earth. When the suns infrared radiation reaches the earth, some of it reflected back into space. However, some infrared radiation and lightweight energy are absorbed and entrapped by greenhouse gases. This entrapped radiation will increase the earth’s temperature. because the number of greenhouse gases increasing within the atmosphere, radiation absorption is additionally increasing and ultimately rise of earth temperature.


Greenhouse gases may be a prime reason, to extend earth temperature. Man is manufacturing inexperienced homes gases in vast amount and merchandising into the atmosphere due to the following activities:

Industrial Development:

Industrial development is quickly happening within the whole world. Every country is within the race of commercial development. Industrial units are producing a vast quantity of CO2 and obnoxious gases, which are the most contributor greenhouse gases within the atmosphere.

global warming due to air pollution
global warming due to air pollution

fossil fuel use:

We area unit victimisation fuel, like fossil fuel oil, coal, and fossil fuel copiously within the name of luxury and industrial growth. We should cut back the employment of fuel, in order to scale back the assembly of CO2. Renewable sources of energy like solar, wind and atomic, to be used for transportation and power generation. Vehicular transportation and power generation are  2 main sectors that produce the major amount of greenhouse gases. They use a vast quantity of fuel.

Use of luxury Item:

Man has created air conditioners and refrigerators for comfort cooling, where chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gases are in wide use. Leakage of CFC gases from air conditioners and refrigerators are a major contributor to greenhouse gases.CFC gases conjointly do breakage in the ozonosphere, resulting in an increase in earth temperature.


Urbanization is the result of overpopulation. Cutting of trees and plants are being done to construct residential buildings and to make road infrastructure. It will increase the additional demand for water, sanitation and food. This is altering the natural rainwater cycle and causes erratic rainfall.

climate change due to global warming
climate change due to global warming

Construction of dams:

Dams are being constructed on flowing rivers, to make a reservoir for the storage of rainwater.  This vast water storage is employed for, agricultural farming, domestic use and power generation. However, deforestation is done to construct dams. Deforestation is inflicting ecological imbalance, resulting in erratic rainfall and the rise of earth temperature.

Cattle rearing:

We rear animals like cows, buffaloes, goats, and sheep for the production of meat and dairy product for consumption. Animals are feed on vegetation for their rearing. During digestion of coarse vegetation material in the stomach of animals, microbes referred to as methanogens, facilitate animal to digest food and produce a by-product as methane gas. Livestock is that the third-largest producer of methane gas in the atmosphere. It causes atmospheric warming phenomenon and ultimately heating.


Following are the natural activities that are inflicting earth heating.

Volcanic Eruption

Volcanic eruption causes unleash of a big quantity of CO2 within the atmosphere. This CO2 within the atmosphere causes global warming.

Forest Fires

Due to forest fires, the natural rainwater cycle gets disrupted. Forest fire emits waste product gases as CO2 within the atmosphere, causing heating. Water vapour is another gas gift within the atmosphere. The ocean is that the main source of water vapour generation. Excess water vapour within the atmosphere absorbs and retain additional suns radiation and inflicting heating.

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